White Countertops

White Countertops and Cabinetry look very spacious and clean in your kitchen or business location. White Interior furnishings in the kitchen or your Restaurant interiors really display contemporary looks rather than traditionally and popular designs. 

I love white Countertops and cabinetry, but I must tell you there are some things to consider before we build your dreamy White kitchen or other type of project. The popular Marble and granite kitchen countertops you see on many magazines covers in supermarket check out lanes and showrooms are easy to stain. With that in mind, please don't fear Marble or Granite countertops for that reason, there are many new innovative super sealers on the market today that withstand everyday usage of colored beverages. As long as you clean up the spills, especially acidic liquids and wines, you should be fine.

             White Countertops do not only come in Marble and granite. You can decide to use White Glass, Recycled Glass like Vetrazzo, White Epoxy resin, Acrylics, Quartz, and White Concrete. These products are also perfect, many countertop shops do not offer specialty materials as popular products sell faster to the masses, so they might not have experience with the other materials I have mentioned. 
               White Countertops and White Cabinets together may look sterile to many and in some cases I agree. But I have worked on a few homes where they did all the cabinets and countertops in White except the island. To better explain that all the perimeter countertops were white Quartz or Acrylic with not to much design movement in the white. Then they chose to use a bright splashing color for the island, High Bar and Window Sill in the color Blue, or even multi-colored designs.
           Either way, White Countertops and/or Cabinets can be outstanding, stunning and outright spectacular.

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