Vetrazzo Recycled Glass

Vetrazzo distinctive surfaces material is 85% glass from sources such as beverage bottles, windows, stemware, and stained glass. Other unusual sources include traffic light lenses, windshields, and shower doors.

A story in every surface... Sources include Last night's Heineken, Perrier, Corona, & Wine Bottles.
You also may see our signature blue Skyy Vodka Bottles editions or even glass recovered from demolished buildings.

Vetrazzo is one of the most eco-friendly surfacing options available. Our panels are crafted from 100% recycled glass set in a cement binder, not a petroleum resin binder.

Use Vetrazzo for Countertops and backsplashes, Vanities, tub decks, bath surrounds, table and desk tops, Fireplace mantles, and outdoor kitchen countertops.
These slabs are 5' x 9' x 1.25" thick and weigh approximately 700 lbs

Easy to maintain. Simply clean with soap and water.

Distinctive Appearance with large, brilliant glass pieces throughout.
The original glass surface , invented in 1996

Certified green Business and Made in the USA, There are no VOC's so no need for Greengaurd Certifications 

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