Thermoforming countertops

Thermoforming is an art of heating up material and bending, shaping and twisting to meet the design you desire. We can thermoform Avonite Surfaces, Even the polyester Glass series many say cannot be done. We can Thermoform Corian, LG Hi-macs, Staron and all other brands of Solid Surface. Its also a great way to save on material when edging conference tables. The ideas are endless with solid Surface Thermoforming.

Avonite Cobalt Blue for Priceline Booking in Orlando

Avonite Frosted Glass at Chris Craft in Sarasota

Our thermoforming project many years ago.

Avonite Cozumel and White Kitchen

Avonite glass series colors inlaid and thermoformed

Hugh Simon routing the top of Avonite Frosted glass thermoformed for Reception desk

Refresh John sanding the translucent material

an old avonite thermoformed cabinet i made many years ago

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