Granite Refresh and Repair Service: 727-527-0206
     Hotel, Restaurant, Home and Condo Association Packages available 

       If you just moved into your new home, You may want to question those beautiful granite countertops. You might be interested in knowing when was the last time your Granite or other natural stone was sealed and also what was it sealed with?
        We simply strip off the old sealer, sanitize your tops with a sanitizing solution, and some Acetone in some cases, Then we simply apply a penetrating sealer that fills into the porosity of you stone surfaces.
         We also can refresh your solid surface tops (Corian, Avonite, Acrylic's and Poly-surfaces, etc).
           The reason we started offering this service is because one of our favorite customers told me to offer this VITAL NEED. He mentioned when he bought his home and found out later that there were many fish fry events at his home, and years of spilled beverages, cooking oils , and various cleaners that were used on his granite kitchen countertops just concerned him. 
     The thought that we could come in and strip down the tops, sanitize and reseal, or repair the old tops was worth the $10.00 per sq. ft we charge for all that. I feel good about giving his family
in knowing when making a sandwich on your countertops knowing they are truly clean.
Granite Re-Seal : $10.00 a sq ft. Includes stripping down old sealer and polish, sanitized, Re-sealed with Premium Impregnating sealer.
Granite Repairs: chips from 1/4" to 1/2" vary from 25.00-100.00 each
Granite Cracks and seam voids usually run about $200.00 - $350.00
Re-silicone backsplash and sink area $5.00 LF 
Shower stalls are same price per sq foot :)

 Solid Surface Countertop Refresh Service:
( Corian, Avonite, and all brands) 

Sanded to Matte finish~15.00 a sq ft (includes re-silicone)  
Sanded to Satin Finish~ 20.00 a sq ft(includes re-silicone)  
Sanded to High Polish~ 30.00 a sq ft (includes re-silicone)         

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