Franchise Opportunities
I get so many calls from all over the world asking about franchise information that I became interested in the idea. Perhaps I can be helpful.

Just think, your sales are sluggish, you are having a tough time moving products and materials.
Wouldn’t it be helpful to get leads, training and trade secrets on how to offer countertops, bar tops restaurant furniture, etc.?

Your competitors may just sell the typical off-the-shelf-types of tops offered. Does your area need fresh ideas?  How would your area react to countertops customized to fit your customers’ needs and wants?
Refresh Interiors uses the products and materials that consumers demand.  Our certifications alone are worth it. Picture portfolios designed to stimulate the imagination of your new customer base are available.

More information on how to begin the change your business from snail paced sales to a fast-paced, consumer driven, almost too busy to breathe business will be available soon.
Contact me to make sure you are ahead of the curve and one of the first to have Refresh Interiors Design in your area.

Sales Opportunities

Sales representative opportunities are also available to introduce innovative products in your area.

We make large and small items; everything from conference tables and beds to customized dog feeders, which are great for communities with a strong pet presence.

We simply sell you your choice of wholesale items, which you then own and sell to local business or residential customers, maybe even Ebay!

Let Refresh Interiors Design share our success with you and be a part of your success.

Gene McDonald 727.527.0206 or


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