"When we need to have not only countertops built but table tops and/or custom wood furniture, We always call our talented artistic friend Gene McDonald. Not only will you find he has a very competitive pricing, You will have an end result that is so fantastic and unique. Your new project becomes a conversation piece! in addition, you'll be supporting a great guy who gives back to our community in the MOST important way...With his hands on work and time showing dis-advantaged children the joys of his art. Steve and Julie Weintraub

Steve is designing where he wants his Bar

Julie took over and what many do not know, Is
a great undercover designer..

Stunning Kirei Wood and Glass 2 tops

Mary Murphy
from my favorite TV Dance show "So You Think You can Dance" She seems to love our work as well. It's such a small world on how she picked the Winner from Season Three which later became the star of the Dance Movie Step Up Revolution which you guys know we made the Customized Crystal Dance tables.

Gene McDonald is The Rock Star of the Countertop Industry...Kevin Harrington


Who is Kevin Harrington? (watch the video)

The video above is what Kevin Harrington thinks about Refresh Interiors Design


We built many customized items for her spectacular TV Studio

Refresh Gene McDonald made Forbes Riley Studios exactly how I wanted, Out of this world! 
 -Forbes Riley~Actress, Fitness Trainer, CEO of Spin Gym 

Who is Forbes Riley? ( watch the video)
I highly suggest you buy a Spin Gym  click here http://buyspingym.com/

Ron Legler, The man behind the Abbey theater

The countertop we have at the ABBEY is incredible..
Phillip Michael Thomas~Actor and Singer

You won't find your countertops in someone else's house if you use Gene..
his Amazing Sparkling tops are one-of-a-kind!!!
         -WFLA Channel 8-Jennifer Hill

Refresh Gene McDonald is the Countertop Master! Nobody does Vetrazzo like him!

-Dr. Anna Marie, TV Host & Medical Host Reporter for The Weather Channel

Discovery Channel Host of Project Earth 
Dr. Jennifer Languell~ I just love Refresh Gene McDonald's Recycled Glass Countertops in Anna Marie's in which I had the privilege to certify along with the Florida Green Building Coalition to the level of Platinum.


Warning: the video above of Angelo Dundee may shed a tear of joy and inspiration.

This place is a knockout!!!!!
-Angelo Dundee...The trainer behind the boxing legend Muhammad Ali

Refresh Gene & his Team got it going on. If you can dream it...They can build it!
When it comes to Bling Design for my TV Show Limos. I only use one cat... That's Bling Gene
  Limo Bob~ The Limo King of Chicago

If you can dream it, Gene will not only believe in it, 

but conceive it beyond your own imagination. 

He is a true artist, entrepreneur, and philanthropist.

Audrey Mabrey... The Phoenix who rose from the ashes.
Public Speaker and Advocate


Refresh Interiors bailed me out on short notice for the KBIS show 2012.

My warehouse manager sent Gene mismatched thicknesses and colors of GEOS

Sustainable Surfaces, on very short
 notice to create a one of a kind display,

without delay, Gene and his team created a masterpiece beyond my

expectations! A hand crafted display top that rivaled designs that would come

off a water jet! 
I will be using Gene and Refresh Interiors for any original

display or personal install in my own home, I will also be referring Gene to

some of my Celebrity clients for one of kind pieces.

Gene is more than a fabricator, he is an artist and friend!

Gordon "Shotgun" Shell 

Technical, product and Distribution Manager for EOS Surfaces LLC

Star of "The Dog Fighter" TV Show Its not about Dog Fighting, Its about fighting for the dogs 
-22 year veteran of martial arts and unarmed combat sports
Owner and operator of Four Aces Fight Club, Clinton Township, MI. 

Meet Tampa Bay's Green Artist Extraordinaire Refresh Gene McDonald
click here

-Nina Stanley, Publisher-Editor in Chief of Panache Vue Magazine

Gene McDonald and the Refresh Interior team is by far the best countertop and home interior professionals you can possibly hire. Not only will they meet, but EXCEED your expectations. Gene’s skilled craftsmanship combined with his extremely high level of dedication to quality ensures you a beautiful finished product that you will be proud to show off. The best part about Gene though is that you feel like you are working with a best friend. He truly listens and takes the time to fully understand your personal style and project goals to make sure the end result is beyond what you expected. I have and will continue to recommend Gene and Refresh Interiors to friends, family and other prospective customers. ~Laura Hunt 


I'll say one word...REFRESH!!!!
                         - William Forsythe ~ACTOR

These dance tables were made out of our very own creation Crystal Top, Specially designed for multiple dance partners

watch the trailer

 I'll never forget how amazing those tables came out, They made our scene in Step Up Revolution a Success!!! We will definitely use Refresh Interiors again!!

Prime time Emmy Award Nominee

-Helen Britten, Set Designer 

My homie Gene is the man! I've never looked at interior furnishings the same again after I saw how creative this guy is. NOTHING is off limits with his Refresh company. If you can imagine it, he will make it a reality. I call him and his co
mpany the 'Pimp My Ride' of interior and furniture craftsmanship. Grenade shell coffee tables that glow in the dark? Camouflage countertops with bullets infused into the finish? Welcome to my home! Thanks, Gene. 
 Celph Titled

Check out Celph Titled!!!! 
 click here

Ziggy Marley & Beezy Ice Countertops

Beezy from The Band Ziggy Marley has some nice things to say about
our upcoming work with them. Please watch the video and Get into Ziggy Marley..It will change your life. 

Featured in many magazines


Our article from I Love The Burg click here

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