How much is Vetrazzo Recycled Glass a square Foot? Our Vetrazzo line is separated into 5 price groups and ranges 100.00 to 150.00 a sq.ft and some installations may cost more due to mileage and complexity. This price also requires a minimum purchase of a slab or a half of slab. Vetrazzo is on par with Exotic Granites. Installation that require great distance from the point of fabrication, complicated fabrication details, and edge work will add to your final cost. If you want us to ball park the cost of Fabrication and Installation or help in in obtaining a quote send a sketch of your countertop to info@refreshinteriorsdesign.com and we’ll get back to you with a ball park budget.  

What is the dimension of slab sizes needed to buy in Vetrazzo? a full slab is 60" x 108" = 45 sq ft. ~1/2 slab is 30" x 108"= 22.5 sq ft

We like what see on this website, What do we do next? If possible copy and paste the picture you like and contact us by email info@refreshinteriorsdesign.com or call (727) 527-0206 Gene McDonald. We will then suggest you send us rough measurements and pictures of your project you would like. We can then send you an estimate.

Can you design and work to budget?
that is our specialty as well as creating unique one of a kind countertops.

Can you put a Hot pot on the Vetrazzo countertop? It’s glass and concrete, remember. Some Vetrazzo Fabricators even make Vetrazzo trivets. Note, however, that prolonged heat can weaken the sealant. If you do this often, be sure to reapply sealant more frequently.
Can I cut on it? Yes, but you’ll very quickly dull your knife as Vetrazzo is one of the hardest countertop surfaces on the market!

Will it Stain?Vetrazzo's porosity is better than marble and concrete and equivalent to some granite. But you do have to care for it. 85% of the surface is glass, which is impervious to stain. However, acids (like red wine, lemon juice, and vinegar) will etch the matrix of the surface (the concrete area between the glass) if not cleaned up right away. And staining agents, (like coffee and tea) will leave a trace if allowed to remain on the surface. Luckily, like aged butcher block, marble, and concrete, signs of living can actually enhance the character of the surface. If you clean messes up quickly, your Vetrazzo will remain unchanged. If you are more carefree, you may appreciate the natural patina that develops as you live with and enjoy your Vetrazzo. Also, dark mixes and those with patina hide the signs of a carefree lifestyle remarkably well. See what one Vetrazzo customer had to say.

What are the steps you take from start to finish?

Picking out Materials:

  • Visit our studio to view samples and other ideas in various materials. To make your selection easier, we may be able to provide you with small samples to take home based on availability.
  • Remember to bring a cabinet door/drawer, tile, and any other samples that can help you select the perfect materials for your home or business.

Getting a quote:

  • Call us to schedule an appointment to visit our shop, If you like and feel comfortable with what you see and hear, we can then proceed to an on-site measurement and go over items in details of your proposal.
  • Determine what type of materials, edging, and specialties you want in order to receive a more precise quote.


  • Our template team will meet you on-site to create templates of your countertops.  These are used to determine the exact size of your cabinets.
  • To expedite the process, please be sure to have your sink, faucet and cook top information on-hand.


  • Once we have your templates in our shop, they are laid out on the slabs you selected and precisely cut into components that will become your countertops.
  • When the parts are finished, they are carefully loaded and transported to your home for installation.

I will be posting all the questions I get within the next two weeks,feel free to contact me with any questions, I only post the questions I frequently get. 
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