Crystal Resin Top is what we make for clients who want a countertop or sculpture made to match their design ideas. Businesses may want their logo uniquely designed in their conference table..The idea are endless with our very own creations. Come to the shop and do-it-yourself, or send your mix of ingredients and we will place the items in the mold, send you a picture before we pour the resin, more than likely you will make some last minute changes. Then give us a few curing days and your Crystal Resin top will be on its way. 

watch the videos below and watch the Lionfish breakfast bar come to life. These videos may help inspire ideas. If you can picture us as a Master Specialty Chef, and just pretend we have a giant frying pan in our hands. What would you like thrown into the pan that will make you smile once served. That is the best way we can help you understand Crystal Resin Top.
 You are in control of the 
ingredients. Please Contact us or visit our shop to discuss more in detail. 727-527-0206

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