We at Refresh Interiors would like to make sure you are aware of the fact some suppliers in the green industry are competitive, Therefore, product characteristics including environmental claims can be exaggerated or misunderstood...

          We have third-party certifications on our material options so you can have the confidence to use our products as key components of any sustainable design in your home or business. 
            A  Green Interior Contractor is not just somebody who
 sells you recycled products and services.  They Should be able to  show you how to Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle in the Design Phase. For example, If I supply you with tons of recycled Cabinets and Countertops that you do not need, that might not be considered a good Green idea         It also might affect your project, if you were looking to have it certified by LEED for Homes or some other Green Certification system.

      In other words, Green is not so much a noun to me. I would
 much rather look at it as a set of Practices and Compliance Procedures. We can also look at it as Good Common sense blown up Real Big. 
Sincerely, Gene McDonald


Look!! Refresh Interiors is Living with Ed

What is LEED?
Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is a rating system devised by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) to evaluate the environmental performance of a building and encourage market transformation towards sustainable design. The system is credit-based, allowing projects to earn points for environmentally friendly actions taken during construction and use of a building. LEED was launched in an effort to develop a “consensus-based, market-driven rating system to accelerate the development and implementation of Green Building practices.” The program is not rigidly structured; not every project must meet identical requirements to qualify. 

  1. LEED - v3.0 for New Construction and Major Renovations
  2. LEED - for Homes
  3. LEED - for Core and Shell
  4. LEED – for Existing Buildings: Operations and Maintanance
  5. LEED – for Commercial Interiors
  6. LEED - for Schools
  7. LEED - for Retail
  8. LEED - for Healthcare
  9. LEED - for Neighborhood Development (in pilot stage)

LEED Certification Levels

  • Certified 40 - 49 Points
  • Silver 50 - 59 Points
  • Gold 60 - 79 Points
  • Platinum 80-110 Points

Refresh Interiors made these plaques below that were presented to Florida Schools and Universities who have LEED certifications with  The US Green Building Council.

These plaques were made from Suwanee River Reclaimed River wood and 
compressed Sunflower Seed Hulls.


We are currently working on a few LEED projects, but we only post  projects that have been awarded LEED Status...
Sorry, I know many companies post about what LEED they are pursuing or wishing for, but maybe you should judge those companies by what they actually achieve from LEED and not what they hope to get.
It's OK to have a goal, its' just not OK to "MIS-LEED" potential customers LOL...
Gene McDonald

LEED Project #4       LEED GOLD
USF ST. Petersburg, Florida ~  Kirei Board Wall Panels
KireKirei Board brings a beautiful new element to modern interior design.

Environmental Benefits
Reduced Waste

ED credit for environmentally friendly construction.
Kirei Board Adhesive


Creative Contractors really make great Green buildings...

LEED Project #3 LEED Gold and won the award for Best LEED Commercial Building in Florida from Florida USGBC

We done the Countertops and Wall cladding with Paperstone.
Some of the other materials being used are Shetkastone, Lumistone, Vetrazzo, and Bamboo Plywood.

Magnify Bank knows that Design has to be Sustainable as well, that will explain the unique inlays in the countertops...
please check back for finished project pictures


 Here are some work in progress pictures, we are really having a good time
fabricating these Countertops...
Below we have the Plum PaperStone with an Inlay perfect for the
Magnify Bank... Credit Cards, Money Flakes, and Old CD's

Peek-a-Boo... please check back for professional and finished pictures

The Magnify Bank Display Case        
Yes, The 100% post-consumer Paperstone can be used as wall cladding as
well as shower surrounds.



Look at the toilet seat...Boring!          Now that's a toilet seat!!!!!
The Magnify logo is the inlay that also glows in the dark

We also provided Paperstone signage to match the wall cladding
This top is located in the educational area..Would like a cup of coffee?
Coffee beans, Mirror chips , Green glass make up this inlay that glows

Johnny Sterling, Hugh Simon, John Santarpia, Gene McDonald
They really know how to have a grand opening for a bank
The tables below were made with US currency, The expired money was shredded and used to make these tops. We then edged them with Glow-in-the-Dark Lumistone which also was used as the recycle logo inlay on top
The mountains of expired currency... 
transformed into these table tops,
which can be used for other applications

The tables bases were made with
Amber Edge Bamboo


Grass Paperstone with Lumistone edge that has a various dollar bill inlay

we will post better pictures soon..

This white edge also glows in the dark...

The color below is the Plum Paperstone

LEED Project #2 
 Awarded LEED Gold


below we show how Little Miss Taylor is making her 
Lights on...                                          Lights off...
The bathroom countertop is now a night light that does not need LEED Project #1         

Hugh Simon below made a nice workbench with the EnviroGLAS Slab crate


  Vetrazzo, LLC. would like to congratulate Refresh Interiors Design of St. Petersburg, Florida on achieving Master Fabricator status. This is a designation reserved for only those shops that have fabricated over 50 Vetrazzo jobs and have demonstrated superior craftsmanship working with Vetrazzo. 

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