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Simply send plans, pictures, Ideas and drawings done in the most simplistic or complicated way. :) We got this.
                 Here are 2 examples of what people can send me. As you can see, I receive rough sketches from people who cannot measure that well, nothing to be embarrassed about. It's just that some people never learned as I do not know where to put power steering fluid in a car. I recieve pictures that were copied and pasted from kitchen design sites like and the like.  I usually hear statements like this " Gene I want my kitchen to look like this"!! They love the layout of kitchen and bath, but they just can't warm up to the material choices.

          Have fun, take your time and remember, This is your Kitchen or bath...Please do not let that concept of resale distort your choices as nobody knows what a potential buyer is looking for. If you are selling your home in ten years , do you really want a kitchen that was designed to please that potential buyer which makes you feel like a tenant in your own home for the next ten years. LIVE OUT LOUD and Enjoy yourself. 

We receive them like this as well, so send me what you got.

Picking out Materials:

  • Visit our studio to view samples and other ideas in various materials. To make your selection easier, we may be able to provide you with small samples to take home based on availability.
  • Remember to bring a cabinet door/drawer, tile, and any other samples that can help you select the perfect materials for your home or business

Getting a quote:

  • Call us to schedule an appointment to visit our shop, If you like and feel comfortable with what you see and hear, we can then proceed to an on-site measurement and go over items in details of your proposal.
  • Determine what type of materials, edging, and specialties you want in order to receive a more precise quote.
  • You can also send your prints, drawings, or even rough sketches to
  •  to help expedite the order process.
  • Once you agree and approve design, materials, and Price. 50% Non-Refundable deposit is required to initiate production.


  • Our template team will meet you on-site to create templates of your countertops.  These are used to determine the exact size of your cabinets.
  • To expedite the process, please be sure to have your sink, faucet and cook top information on-hand.
  • Once we have the ACTUAL templates, our team will lay on the slabs and decide where the seams will be and then contact you with photos to make you aware if the seams will need to be. We may be able to put them where you would like. 
  • This is also the time when the INSTALLATION date can be more specific.
  • During tear-out of Kitchens and/or baths, plumbing issues may arise, and we understand this may delay on cabinet installation. This repair of drywall and plumbing may now delay our template and that is why after actual template we can be more specific on fabrication and installation.


  • Once we have your templates in our shop, they are laid out on the slabs you selected and precisely cut into components that will become your countertops.
  • Once the countertops and/or cabinets are completed we ask you to approve them by checking colors, drawers, doors, sink cut-outs, etc. We like to address any issues that need changing or fine tuning before we come to your home or business. Once we see you smile at our work, We kindly ask that you pay 40% of the balance. We then set up the installation date and after the project is installed the remaining 10% is to be paid that day.
  • When the parts are finished, they are carefully loaded and transported to your home for installation.
If you want to simply respond directly and feel like asking questions without submitting your information, We understand.
Just click on the email link and send me your questions, concerns, Ball park prices and most importantly your ideas about the project of your dreams. 
 please click here now

Looking forward to hearing from you, Refresh Gene McDonald 727.459.0936

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