Concrete Countertops

Concrete Countertops

For those who desire a countertop that stands apart from common surfaces, concrete is the answer. If your countertop options have only included granite, tile, synthetic solid surfaces or engineered quartz, then you understand the limitations and frustration with such materials that are so commonly installed in households today.

Concrete brings new options for countertop surfaces without sacrificing durability. And, concrete far surpasses other commonplace materials in design choices for shape, color, thickness, mixes, and more. No other countertop material offers nearly unlimited options as does concrete.

One of the most alluring features of concrete countertops is that they are crafted by an artisan rather than mass produced in a factory. The doors for design potential are wide open with this malleable material shaped in the hands of experienced contractors who are familiar with its capabilities. Concrete is not your typical, characterless material.

It's become the new material of choice for
designers and homeowners across the United
States. Decorative concrete in all of its stained,
colored, molded, and personalized glory is
popping up in retail stores, trendy restaurants,
offices, and homes everywhere.
But leading the charge in the concrete craze is the
kitchen countertop.

           Many are welcoming, embracing, and anxiously pursuing concrete for their own
kitchen projects. All it typically takes is one look whether it's in a magazine, on a
home tour, a television show, or in someone's home and you're hooked.
              Concrete's irresistible appeal can be attributed to four things: its versatility, its look
of distinction, its natural qualities, and the display of superior craftsmanship.
Few materials are as versatile as concrete. You can mold concrete into any shape,
color it to match virtually any hue, and you can make it smooth or rough. Its
versatility lends to a range of design styles from contemporary to classic.

         Concrete countertops can be left looking natural to complement materials like
wood, stone, and brick. Or, concrete can be treated with chemical stains, coloring
pigments, aggregates, and epoxy coatings that allow
concrete to mimic popular materials like marble, granite,
and limestone.
“People want to have something they can show
off, not something that mimics what their
friends or neighbors have.”


    Concrete Countertops 
    in Tampa Bay provide the owner with the ability to express themselves through design, colors, textures, ingredients, and shapes. Doing s ensures that they own a one of a kind countertop surface for their home, office or outdoor kitchen.

    Looking for a material that is lighter in weight and durable?

    Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete- GFRC

    delivers unparalleled design flexibility along with a limitless variety of colors, textures and shapes. GFRC is gaining popularity with concrete contractors and countertop fabricators, who are being presented architectural plans with custom designs. Traditional fabrication materials limit how quickly they can complete their stage of the project. In today’s market, extended labor hours eat up what profit margins are available, making it difficult to keep their business profitable. With GFRC, designers are given the opportunity to maximize the architects imagination by utilizing the light weight, high early strength, sprayable attributes that are inherent to the GFRC process.

    Make industrial concrete tops with coved drink rail in Florida

    Pack and ship to New Canaan, Conneticut 

    Install Bar top with reclaimed wood edge, Finished Pics coming soon.:) 

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