Countertop Colors
Designers and Architects love this page, many today shop for certain colors before price. We made these videos to help with your decision and also to stimulate what can be done with these material options. Simply write down the time counter number on the video so I can look at and give you more information on that particular project.

The Brown Countertop Collection  is made up of beer bottles in Concrete, amber Bamboo, Mocha and Chocolate Paperstone, Please enjoy how we mix them and in some cases  back light them tops and Backsplashes


The Rainbow Countertop Collection is made up of traffic lenses, Church goblets, stained glass scraps in concrete,resin, bamboo and other materials.


The Red Countertop Collection

The White Countertop Collection is made up of various surface materials. The White Orange design in Solid Surface material was transformed into this International Nokia phone center in Miami, Florida. We also showed that Avonite Glass series can be thermoformed into a clean styling Reception desk that we did for Priceline Booking in Orlando, Florida.

The Green Countertop Collection

The Black Countertop Collection

The Blue Countertop Collection

The Amber Countertop Collection

The Ice Countertop Collection
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