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Seamless Surface Beaded surrounds with Cozumel Tub deck

More pictures or this beautiful bathroom coming soon

Our Cabinetry in Amber Bamboo shows how lines can match, It just takes precision.

Architects, Builders, Customers, and Designers love that we can build different Countertops and Cabinets in unique materials. We even mix two colors at once with inlays.
Are you thinking of building a home?  See if buying countertops and cabinets for the whole home is beneficial than from an all in one custom shop. We offer deals and discounts on Full home Packages
Visit our showroom to see many different materials to help you decide what's best for your project.

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This is a project we are working on, We did the kitchen cabinets in Bamboo and matched
the grain horizontally then we topped off with colorful swirls in a durable epoxy countertop

Sink Swirly to go
(easy to install, many colors)

Jagermeister and Vodka Skyy Glass was recycled into this concrete slot sink

Ramp sink in dirty Crete

Rustic Crete with a chiseled edge

In the daytime... The Mocha Concrete Countertop looks stunning

In the Dark...This Kitchen has now changed from stunning to sizzling

I love this Home Bar..Designed by Darrin the Designer

White custom mixed concrete top with Blues mixed in

Tiger Bamboo wine holding table with wall pantry storage

Bar tops can be filled with Logos, Bullets shells and even Sea shells

Customer wanted a top for a artistic cottage to match the ocean in this travel magazine page

Amethyst Vetrazzo Countertops look so nice on White Cabinetry 

What to do with that leftover bathroom tile???...throw it in the top

Amethyst Bar top at the Daiquiri Deck on St. Armand's Circle in Sarasota

Custom sea shells in crystal epoxy 

Our crystal epoxy is not TABLE TOP Resin, That stuff scratches and always 
yellows in clarity. We will not use that product to reduce costs, We are sorry.

Refresh Interiors

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The New crisp and clean "Refresh Wave" sink base 

We made this Dining Table Avonite Cobalt Surface, Bamboo and Blue Agate

More wine storage and a shelf to install a light so the Agate is illuminated.

The scrap Agate was made into shelves.

 White Lightning Quartz Countertops and the High Bar and sill are Vetrazzo Cobalt Skyy

Reclaimed wood turned into an exotic dresser

Eco Wood scrap cabinetry is a very nice look

Amber and Natural Bamboo, Coconut Palm, Sunflower Seeds, Kirei Board, and the infamous Tiger bamboo


The customer set the seascapes the way she wanted it

After..The Cabinet is Coconut Palm ..A Real Florida Design :)

Millefiori Vetrazzo Recycled Glass with our matching cabinet handles



The Kids put special items in their bathroom

 Concrete countertops clean white with Vetrazzo Recycled glass High bar

Our Crystal Epoxy Bar Top for Fusion Cigar Lounge on beautiful 
Clearwater Beach, Florida

Vetrazzo Recycled Glass Island Top 

Kevin Harrington, One of the first Sharks on the ABC Hit Show Shark Tank
enjoying his thick chiseled white pearl bar top


Bamboo and Coconut Palm Kitchen with Alehouse Amber Vetrazzo Countertops

Refresh Interiors...
if you can dream it, We can build it...
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This fantastic Kirei Kitchen has Aquamarine Glass Countertops that blend so well. 
These colors were chosen and designed by the talented Julie Weintraub.

Glass Countertops are durable and scratch resistant. Visit our Glass tops page for more colors

Before Picture of Steve trying to picture the design Julie created...

Now this is the "AFTER" picture..Nice Glass countertops and Kirei Cabinets
Back-lighting your Countertops can be stunning. 

This is Vetrazzo Martini Flint countertops 

Windowsills are also a stunning way to use leftover materials

After... 3" chiseled edge Bar Top

Refresh Interiors Design are Award Winning Master Fabricators who have access to the most innovative materials on the market today.

The lovely Forbes Riley who you constantly see on
The Home Shopping Network as the Health and Fitness
Super Woman designed this 
 countertop for her
make-up room at her own TV Studio.

Amazing How busy she is and still finds time to inspire others when you see her Studio Countertops. 

These Countertops were made of recycled compressed paper
sealed in cashew oil resin, see our Paperstone page for more colors

 Forbes Riley herself designed this ADA Mocha Paperstone Vanity with inspirations of Nature

Fire and Ice Bar top amber Surface meets the frosty Chill-Rite shelf for Martini's on display

This outdoor kitchen gives the impression of solid ice on
a hot summer day, Our very own Crystal Top Resin can be back-lighted
for nice nights in the backyard.

Think-Glass Countertops 

Another Outdoor Kitchen countertop made with Crystal Resin has scraps
of Stained Glass. 

Our World Famous Molten Lava countertop was designed to look like we
pulled a slab right out of a volcano,that was cooling down. This is what we came up with.

We did an artistic inlay of Kirei wood in this plum Paperstone countertop. 

This coffee center is for college students to enjoy the beauty of recycled glass bar tops.

Our new blend of Concrete Countertops with Seashells, Sea Glass and
Amstel Light Bottles from Sunset Beach, Florida.
Semi-Precious stones backlit

We haven't built this compact futuristic kitchen yet, but very interested. (hint, hint)

above is an outdated kitchen with unhealthy materials

The rendering of what a customer wants

Vetrazzo Alehouse Amber, Mocha Paperstone with Inlay,
Amber Bamboo Cabinetry, and a Tiger bamboo Table with
floating wine bottle holder now make up this healthy stylish Kitchen.

The wine bottle design was great idea.

Our Project we did in Long Island, Bahamas
see more beautiful pictures on our Specialty projects page

This Video shows some Vetrazzo Combo Mixes

Yes a Benz can come out your countertop.

This top is Think Glass Certified and 4 inches thick
We even make jewelry cases in unique designs.

 Dr. Anne Marie from the weather Channel's 
incredible kitchen was made with Alehouse Amber Vetrazzo
Designed by Rick Caccavello of central kitchen and Bath in Winter park, Florida

The Kitchen Cabinets above were made with computer generated Zebra wood
 into a veneer so the grain matches all the way around. Tops are made of mocha paperstone with a coffee bean inlay and a vetrazzo recycled glass Amber Island.

This outdoor portable kitchen is made with a Vetrazzo Floating
Blue countertop and a Paperstone base with a seashells inlay.
The grill is called Evo

The South Beach Wet Wall In Miami


In the Movie from Touchstone pictures named Step Up Revolution, We made these customized Crystal Resin Dance tables that were stunning and was durable and strong enough to support 5 dancers at once. Watch the video clips below.

This Fire pit is made of loose heat resistant glass and
surrounded by our Alehouse Amber Vetrazzo

 The Tampa Bay Rays love our materials made up of Sunflower Seed
Compressed wood panels and bamboo with tops made of recycled beer bottles.


White Silestone Quartz perimeter with a Millefiori Vetrazzo Recycled Glass Island.
This table is made up of US currency shredded with an inlaid design
of Glow in the dark materials.

This Corian White Fixture with an Orange Acrylic face panel
was made for Nokia International and designed by
Creative Arts Unlimited.

This sign which reads HOPE in all languages
is at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida
Made with Avonite Surfaces Cobalt Glass.

WE have a SHOWROOM, So please bring your sample boards, Floor tile, paint samples, and the like to help you pick out the best material for your project.

Refresh Gene McDonald

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Private appointments available upon request
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This Horseshoe Bar we made with broken champagne bottles
Mirrors, and tempered glass.

From Bullet Shells to Sea shells, the ideas are endless. 

  We make Artistic Custom Bar tops, Countertops , Cabinets, Furniture and Specialty items in Natural Stone, Glass, Recycled Compressed Paper, Bamboo, Coconut Palm, Exotic Wood, Recycled Glass and Concrete, Metal, Extreme Concrete Countertops(GFRC), Solid Clear Epoxy Resin , Epoxy pour over existing Bar tops, and Acrylic Poly Solid Surfaces.  
We are experienced in maximizing these materials beyond there normal design concepts. W
e always smile when our clients can finally get what others say cannot be done. 
             Architects, Builders, and Designers, simply love the fact
 that they can meet their clients requests when it comes to Countertops, Bar tops, and Cabinets. There are many gre
at designs on paper and blueprints, but not too many shops can build them. 

We are now taking orders to Reseal Your Granite and Marble Surfaces 
stains, harmful bacteria buildup..Act now!!
Hotel, Bars and Condo Association Packages available
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Remodeling and Home Design
Remodeling and Home Design


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